Rikang pp nursing bottle with spoon is made with high grade plastics

It is necessary for babies, before they are weaned to get accustomed to spoon-feeding

Enable mum to feed your baby in a easy and time-saving manner

Accustom your baby to spoon-feeding with this Nursing Bottle with a Spoon (Big). It is easy to use. Just fill the bottle with juices or soups and cover it with a screw cap with the spoon outside the bottle. Gently press the bottle to let the food flow into the spoon for feeding. Bottle has metric scale measurement, with a capacity of 120ml. Easy for mothers to use and time-saving too. A cleaning brush comes for cleaning the bottle. Made with high-grade BPA-free plastic, it is easy to clean, rinse and dry. Package includes 1 Nursing Bottle with Spoon, Cleaning Brush and Instructions for use. For 12 month old babies and infants.